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Big «WHAT?!»: Paulo, for a page and followed shortly by a

We actually found quite a lot to like in the course of our afternoon at Bergamot Station late last week. (Bergamot, for readers unfamiliar with the topography of Los Angeles area galleries, is a former train station in Santa Monica, and has been a lively center for galleries and design studios for a number of years now. Soon, I have heard, the trains will be running through the station again. No idea how this will affect the galleries.) It has been too long since Ellie and I last made our gallery rounds, so it was a good moment for a catch up. I mention here only a few of the highlights, with apologies to some good shows passed over and, to those mentioned, for the brevity of attention to work that deserves more than it gets here.

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Replica Valentino bags Big Fancy House: Tessa lives in one. Mike and Lucy are suitably impressed. Big Brother Instinct: Sam, here. Big «WHAT?!»: Paulo, for a page and followed shortly by a Little What. Birds of a Feather: Abbey and Daisy, to some extent. A Birthday, Not a Break: «Happy Hour» takes place during Rachel’s birthday party. Replica Valentino bags

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